Half-Day Royal Gorge

Thrilling & Adventurous Colorado Rafting

Adventurous and Wild

Our Half-Day Royal Gorge trip is for those seeking to quench their thirst for adventure. This wild ride will take you through world-class whitewater rafting and under the infamous Royal Gorge Bridge while being surrounded by towering 1,000 foot rock walls. Enjoy a quick break at our 15-foot jump rock and take a plunge into the Arkansas River. Experience our intentional ministry, breathtaking scenery, and continuous whitewater rafting on this amazing Colorado Rafting Trip.

What to Expect

Our half-day trips depart twice a day from both of our locations and cover 9 Miles of river. You will have the opportunity to jump off a 15-foot rock and take a plunge into the Arkansas River. We will also have pictures available, for purchase, after the trip of you and your crew getting soaked in Sunshine Falls Rapid. 

Trip Details

Skill Level:
Rapid Rating:
Class IV-V
Check-In Time:
9:00am & 1:00pm
2-3 Hours
Departs From:
Royal Gorge Office
Adults (14+): $96

What Our Guests Are Saying

“Pleasant surprise”
Bob K
Sanger, Texas
“We floated the Gorge with Journey Quest before we attended a John Eldridge bootcamp...Everyone knew immediately God put us with them as the float adventure tied in with the spiritual bootcamp perfectly. Everyone felt like John was talking to our group at the bootcamp. We had a great time with both adventures and look forward to doing it again next year.” Read Full Review
“What a great afternoon!”
Percella Snyder
Via Google +
“Our family thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our rafting trip with our guides, Mark and Ryan. What makes it even better is the fact that they are Christians! We spent the whole day breaking spiritual bread with some awesome men of God...and we got to navigate the waters of Royal Gorge in the process! ” Read Full Review
“Get ready to get wet and be amazed!”
Greeley, Colorado
“Our terrific guide showed us the glories of the amazing Royal Gorge, complete with anecdotes and a demand to row (forward 2!). I must admit that I may have missed some of the amazing Gorge because my eyes were shut as I paddled through waves breaking over my head, but I never felt amiss with Denise behind me. If you only see one part of Colorado's amazing beauty, be sure you see it with one of the Journey Quest guides. And don't be afraid to GET WET!!!” Read Full Review
“Fantastic, fun, faith-built company!”
Brian S
Des Moines, Iowa
“We did the full day trip through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon and Royal Gorge on our honeymoon, and absolutely loved it...Nicki, our guide was absolutely amazing... personable, friendly, knowledgeable and in control, and did a great job of making the trip safe and fun for everybody. It was refreshing to be with other believers. You could see the love of Christ in the staff members faces, and they were unashamed of Christ, but definitely not pushy with their faith...We had the ride of our lives, and if we're ever back in that area again, we'll definitely be re-booking with Journey Quest! ” Read Full Review
“Full Day Adventure – Royal Gorge Whitewater Rafting Trip”
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
“We went on the Full Day Adventure Royal Gorge Whitewater Rafting Trip. It was a wonderful trip and I would highly recommend it for those who love whitewater rafting. We went in August so the river was down some, but we still had great rapids and a very enjoyable trip. Our guide did an excellent job. If we lived closer we would go several times a year. The kids thought the whitewater rafting trip was the best activity we did while in Colorado.” Read Full Review

Rafting with a Purpose

Like all our trips, the purpose is much more than just white water rafting. Our guides seek opportunities to use even a couple hours together on the river to share about the love and grace that is found in Jesus Christ. On this half-day trip, we seek to share the transformational power of the living Gospel with all of our guests using spiritual analogies, personal testimonies, and thought provoking questions. This trip is perfect for those looking to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ while experiencing the beauty and thrill of God’s Creation. Our guides look to be an example of what a disciple of Christ looks like by proclaiming the truth of the Bible, showing love towards one another, and praying with you during your trip. Read more about how and why we do this at Why Journey Quest?

Royal Gorge Whitewater Rafting Arkansas River Map Half Day

Half-Day Royal Gorge

The Journey Begins

Your whitewater rafting adventure begins as the canyon narrows and the rock walls tower 1,000 feet above you. You will encounter adrenaline-pumping Class IV-V rapids such as Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer, Wallslammer, and the Narrows on this adrenaline-pumping half-day rafting excursion. Don’t forget to look up and see the infamous Royal Gorge Bridge while facing the continuous world-class whitewater rafting. Before the excitement is over, take a plunge into the Arkansas River from an incredible 15-foot rock jump. As the river calms for the last few miles of the trip, enjoy the gentle float and breathtaking scenery on this amazing Colorado Rafting adventure.

About the Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge is one of the deepest canyons in Colorado with some of the best whitewater rafting in State. With a maximum depth of 1,250 feet, the Royal Gorge is considered the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River. Measuring 30 feet wide at its base and only 300 feet at the top, this canyon is a spectacular site to behold.

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