Father / Son Overnight Trips

Overnight Adventures for Your Family

Your Adventure Begins

Looking for the perfect adventure for you and your son? Spend a few days rafting the Arkansas River, or a week hiking through Colorado’s San Juan Mountains with one of our life-changing Multi-Day Adventures!

Plan Your Adventure

Journey Quest can create a customized trip for as few as 4 guests, or you can join one of our scheduled father / son adventures. All food, tents, and necessary gear for the activities are included in the price for your trip.

Father / Son River Adventure

Extend your rafting adventure on this father / son overnight rafting adventure. Experience three days of world-class whitewater rafting on the famous Arkansas River. Paddle through Bighorn Sheep Canyon as you encounter exciting Class III-IV rapids such as Maytag, Shark’s Tooth, Spikebuck, and Three Rocks. Enjoy incredible backcountry cooking, provided by your guides, as you unwind around the campfire at a convenient riverside campground. Before the adventure continues, camp under the stars as the river lulls you to sleep on this amazing Multi-Day Adventure. Learn More…
8 - Adult
Skill Level:
3 Days / 2 Nights
Departs From:
Royal Gorge Office
$361 / Person

Father / Son Backpack Adventure

Surround yourself with breathtaking mountain scenery on one of our incredible Colorado Backpacking trips. Explore the mountains and the beauty they behold as you backpack through spectacular alpine meadows filled with gorgeous wildflowers and serene alpine lakes. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation from one of Colorado’s extraordinary peaks on this phenomenal Multi-Day Adventure. Learn More…
12 - Adult
Skill Level:
Beginner - Advanced
5 Days / 5 Nights
Departs From:
Royal Gorge Office
$580 / Person

Purpose in the Wilderness

Wilderness Ministry

Jesus often sought out quiet places to be alone with God in the wilderness. He also used the wilderness as a teaching ground for some of His most profound sermons. Here at Journey Quest, we like to model our ministry after the ministry of Jesus Christ and use the wilderness as a place to seek refuge with God and teach.

Purposeful Relationships

Our guides have a true heart for people and seek to build purposeful relationships with everyone. As you grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, our guides seek opportunities to challenge you in your faith using thought provoking questions, challenging activities, teachable moments, and personal testimonies.

Experience Growth

Grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ as you seek Him throughout the week. Enjoy a quiet time with God every morning, learn from His word every evening with a lesson prepared by one of your guides, and be challenged in your faith with spiritual analogies throughout the day. Spending time in God’s creation is a one of the best ways to grow closer to Him

Learn More…

What Our Guests Are Saying

“I learned so much about myself, God, and Life.”
Maddy K
Geneva, Illinois
“I loved how personable Journey Quest's guides were. I had a great time bonding with them and I will truly miss them. Rock Climbing was my favorite activity and I learned so much about trust and pushing my limits. I learned so much about myself, God, and Life. I wish I could stay forever! :-)”
“This trip blew away my expectations!”
Zach B.
Geneva, Illinois
“The food was AMAZING! The guides were all very relate-able and easy going. They challenged our group, pushing us out of our comfort zones. Every single guide always had a smile of their face...I've build so many new relationships and I felt like I found my place in the world...Colorado! I liked all the activities, but I liked the guides the best. Great people, personalities, and sense of humor...This trip blew away my expectations and I'd love to come back someday (or next week).”
“Excellent Family Adventure”
Scott W
Via TripAdvisor
“We did a five night group excursion with Journey Quest and had the time of our life. We did three days of rafting, one day of rock climbing and one day of alpine hiking. What a great time. The staff was excellent, helpful and professional. We really appreciated their commitment to safety. For a short rafting trip or a longer group activity, I highly recommend Journey Quest.” Read Full Review
“This week was really life changing!”
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest's guides were really open about talking about their passions and personal faith. They also really tried to get to know us each personally with a lot of enthusiasm which was really welcoming...I enjoyed Rock Climbing the most. I learned that you can be surprised about how far you can push and challenge yourself even if you think you can't do it...It has helped me realize how important it is to remove yourself to really focus on your faith. I liked not having my phone and the time spent together...Thank you for everything this week. It was really life changing!”
“Journey Quest Combo”
Tamara D
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest is the first Christian program I feel I can recommend to others. I felt my kids and I were always in competent hands; even the "dangerous" activities felt safe and professionally managed. Excellent ministry focus throughout! Sincerely appreciated the kind and infection enthusiasm. I'm truly grateful and humbled by the energy and intention I received from each and every Journey Quest associate!”

Customize Your Adventure

Any overnight trip can be fully customized for your family

Whether you’re looking for an overnight rafting trip or a week-long backcountry excursion, we’ll work with you to craft an unforgettable adventure for your family.


Build your trip with any combination of our exciting, purposeful activities. A day of rock climbing, three days backpacking, and a day of rafting? You got it!

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting Multi Day AdventureStrap on a PFD and helmet, grab a paddle, and run Colorado’s most popular river! Your guide will show you what whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River is all about as you navigate multiple Class III-IV rapids along the way. Between the rapids there are great places for your guide to share spiritual analogies, attack the other boats in epic water-fights, or jump off a rock into the river’s current. Learn More…

Lessons: Teamwork, Trust, Listening

Rock Climbing & Rappelling

Rappelling with Arkansas River in Background Multi Day AdventureTie-in to a rope, check with your belayer, then begin your ascent! You’ll be sure to find a route that will challenge you as you learn to crimp, edge, smear, and jam your way up the wall. And what if you slip? There is nothing to worry about! Your best friend was just taught how to belay by an expert guide who is watching their every move.

How do I get down?

Do you have the faith to lean back on an 11mm rope when there is over 100ft of air below you? Rappelling is an incredible object lesson for the type of faith that God asks us to place in Jesus Christ! Put your faith into action: lean back, feed a little rope, and start taking steps right down the rock-face. You won’t regret it! Learn More…

Lessons: Faith, Trust, Overcoming Fears, Encouragement


Backpacking Group Multi Day AdventureFew things bring a group together better than backpacking. Load your pack and embark on an amazing adventure into the Sangre de Cristo or San Juan mountains! Each day you’ll cover 3-6 miles of some of the most remarkable wilderness in Colorado! Drop your packs along the way and scramble up to the summit of a peak, have a snowball fight in July, and sleep out under the stars at 12,000 feet! Backpack trips can be as short as a single overnight, but why rush it? Take 4 or 5 days and do it right! Learn More…

Lessons: Perseverance, Encouragement Teamwork, Friendship, Accountability

Inflatable Kayaking

Inflatable Kayaking Multi Day AdventureThese little boats are wet, wild, and ridiculously fun — a perfect way to experience the river, up close and personal! Our guides will teach you basic hydrology, paddling techniques, and self-rescue skills before embarking on an unforgettable river adventure. Inflatable Kayaks, or “Duckies,” put you in the driver’s seat as you navigate the rapids in upper or lower Bighorn Sheep Canyon. But don’t lose your focus or you’ll find yourself taking a wild and unplanned swim down river. Learn More…

Lessons: Following, Leadership, Teamwork Overcoming Fears

Day Hikes & Peak Ascents

Peak Ascent on Humboldt Multi Day AdventureYou’ll wake up early (very early) and begin your ascent up one of the beautiful 13,000-14,000ft peaks in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. You’ll hike through Aspen forests, see amazing mountain streams and lakes, and finally break out into the alpine tundra. If you make it to the top you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree panoramic views of high mountains and deep valleys as far as the eye can see. That’s the icing on the cake, but it’s not all about the summit, it’s about the process, the challenge, and the growth that happens along the way.

Lessons: Perseverance, Encouragement Teamwork

Low Ropes & Challenge Course

Low Ropes & Challenge Course Multi Day Adventure

This is a series of challenging initiatives and games thought up by some really creative minds, perfect for developing trust and teamwork within a group. Most of these use simple props like a hula hoop or a handful of balls, but before long you’ll find yourself heli-skiing off a peak, raiding the enemy camp, and navigating the open seas at night (not really, but a good story-line makes it so much fun).

Lessons: Teamwork, Problem-Solving, Listening, Leadership


Solo Time Quiet Time Multi Day AdventureWhen is the last time you took 4 hours to be alone with God? That’s what we thought. Solos are just that, a purposeful, extended quite time. Whether it is a two-hour extended quiet time during the week or a 24-hour experience at a layover camp, Solos can be incorporated into any of our extended trips.

Lessons: Solitude, Listening, Perseverance, Focus

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