Meet Our Guides

As we near the beginning of our 2018 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer.

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Elise Schoephoerster

Elise Schoephoerster lives in Grand Junction Colorado when she’s not at Journey Quest. She recently graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Exercise Science with plans to go into Physical Therapy. When Elise isn’t keeping people caffeinated (aka working as a barista) or keeping babies alive and happy (#nannylife) she likes to play outside in the water and the mountains. She’s also a huge fan of snowboarding, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Elise is addicted to hot tea and works part-time as a wedding photographer. » More Info «

Ryan Schoephoerster

Ryan Schoephoerster is originally from Colorado Springs. Now, he makes his home in Grand Junction, CO with his smoking hot wife Elise, who is also a guide at Journey Quest. The two actually met at Journey Quest, and Elise quickly fell in love with Ryan, and he finally agreed to marry her after years of her begging. This is his 6th summer at Journey Quest. He is finishing up his teaching license to be a PE teacher! Ryan works hard but plays even harder. When he’s not hitting the books or slaving away in the office, you’re sure to find him out rock climbing, boating, or playing sports. » More Info «

Hannah Sleight

Hannah Sleight is joining the Journey Quest Staff for her third season and is pumped for another summer of rafting for Jesus! While from the state of Maine, Hannah has spent the last few years in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Ecuador. She loves almost all outdoor activities, but a few favorites are soccer, skiing, climbing, and RAFTING! Hannah is especially passionate about the GOAT Boat (aka. girl boat, aka. greatest of all times). Geneva College is Hannah’s home eight months a year where she studies international business and Spanish. She is also proud to be a captain on the women’s soccer team and to represent her school. » More Info «

Margaret Sims

Margaret Sims will be joining us for her third summer with Journey Quest, working primarily as your Office Guide—there to help you navigate the reservation process, check-in, and buying T-shirts! (She does enjoy getting out to help with the occasional river trip or alpine hike when time allows too!) Margaret is a recent transplant to Colorado. She hails from the great city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was born and raised. She studied language and teaching and worked at a language immersion school before relocating out West. She now has a CO substitute teaching certificate and also works retail in a nearby town. When she’s not working, Margaret loves to play outside—hiking, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, wilderness trips, almost anything outdoors—and she’s learning backcountry and alpine skiing. She also enjoys languages, animals, cooking, baking, music, and singing. » More Info «

Yan Sleight

Yan Sleight is returning to Journey Quest for his second season of guiding. Yan grew up in the northern tundra of the eastern part of southern Maine. The past few years he has spent in western Pennsylvania conducting complicated magic in dark caves (working in computer technology services). Yan drives in a yellow block of cheese between adventures on land, air, and sea. He loves to play in and on water, whether it is flowing or frozen. Solid ground offers many enjoyable opportunities to dissipate time in soccer, running, eating, hiking, climbing, and sleeping. » More Info «

Sandra DalBello

Sandra DalBello, aka the Hot Dog, is an Industrial Distribution Engineering major from Houston, Texas. More importantly, she’s the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2019, A-Whoop! Not really though, Sandra’s actually a self-proclaimed 2%er. When she’s not in class or confusing non-Ags with A&M vernacular, Sandra’s a member of the rowing team for Texas A&M. She loves practicing with the team and travels across Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee to compete as both a rower and a coxswain. When Sandra’s not busy studying or rowing, you can usually find her at the lake breaking the things that she fixes. Just kidding, it’s usually the other way around. Sandra has had the opportunity to serve as an equipment manager over the past year and has enjoyed the unique challenges of working to maintain the team’s fleet of eight, soon to be nine, composite racing shells. Outside of class and crew, Sandra enjoys climbing, backpacking, running, Frisbee, and pretty much every sport for that matter. Also, she loves cooking, road trips, spending time with her family and friends, and walking her dog, Louie. » More Info «

Nate Chandler

Nate Chandler will be joining Journey Quest for his first summer this year. He is from the metro area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Nate says, “Yes, Minnesota is basically a barren tundra of ice, nine out of the twelve months.” Nate will graduate from Hennepin technical college with an associate degree in Architecture Technology spring of 2018.   He enjoys hiking, camping, exploring, and playing soccer. Nate won an all-star award in a national soccer tournament, has a citizen’s award from his local police department, and makes videos about himself and the Bible to post to his YouTube channel N8 Chandelier. » More Info «

Jennifer Rhoades

Jennifer Rhoades will be joining the Journey Quest team for her first season this summer. She is from Clever, Missouri but has completed her first year of college in Canon City, Colorado with the Worldview program through Trinity University. She plans on pursuing a major in outdoor leadership and recreation and minoring in counseling in the fall. Jen has loved all the outdoor opportunities that Colorado brings. Hiking, camping, reading, running, biking, coffee, and making random, urgent trips to Walmart for ice cream are just a few of her favorite things. She also thoroughly enjoys consuming cheese on a regular basis and having people make her laugh until she’s on the floor having trouble breathing. » More Info «

Brooke Martin

Brooke Martin will be joining Journey Quest for her first summer this year. Brooke, originally from Colorado Springs, attends Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction majoring in nursing- and loves it immensely. She is passionate about health care and teaching others how to take care of their bodies. Her dream is to live in a tiny house someday (!!) and be a travel nurse. She helps lead Wyld Life in Grand Junction and is looking forward to camp this summer with her middle school girls. Some of Brooke’s favorite things are ukulele jam sessions, photography, hiking, backpacking, and summer. She is also only slightly obsessed with tea, fruit, and pancakes. » More Info «