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Teaching Youth to be Servant Leaders

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We offer customizable Christ-centered wilderness adventures for your Boy Scout Troop. Come experience whitewater rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, or a multi-day outdoor adventure with your troop! Grow in your relationship with Christ as you enjoy the outdoors, build character, and develop your leadership on your next Boy Scout adventure!

Be Prepared

As a Christ-centered wilderness ministry, we are dedicated to helping young men be prepared, as they become responsible citizens. We understand the importance of teaching courageous young men to walk with integrity and service towards others. Customize your trip to follow a specific theme or subject like leadership, service, or any other subject on your next troop adventure!

Why Bring Your Boy Scout Troop to Journey Quest?

  • We offer affordable rates for Trail Life troops
  • Well-trained, professional guides
  • We’ll customize a trip to help you meet your Merit Badge requirements

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Develop Godly Leadership

Journey Quest’s guides passionately share Christ’s love with youth and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone into courageous leadership and full dependence on God.

Build Solid Outdoor Skills

Trips can be customized to help your troop meet the requirements for several Boy Scout Merit Badges and rank requirements as we explore the outdoors together!

Experience God Through His Creation

God speaks through His creation! A Journey Quest trip immerses your troop in spectacular scenery, supportive community, and solid Biblical teaching. 


Have another question?

What Ages are Your Trips Appropriate For?

Our single-day rafting trips, rock-climbing, and our overnight trips are good for ages 11+, which covers anyone in the traditional Boy Scout programs. Troops with scouts ages 14+ may be able to take part in more advanced trips, which can include rafting the Royal Gorge

As you look at our various trips, you will notice that each trip lists the recommended minimum age along with the other trip details. These are general guidelines for our specific trips. Whatever age of Scouts you bring, we’ll customize your trip with appropriate challenge level for your troop.

What Merit Badges can We Earn?

Journey Quest is able to help you work towards or meet the requirements for several Boy Scout Merit Badges, such as:

  • Kayaking (using our Inflatable Kayaks)
  • Whitewater (Rafting & Kayaking)
  • Climbing
  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Camping

If there is something you would like us to focus on for your troop just let us know and we’ll customize the trip to meet those requirements.

Can You Do a 50 Mile Backpack or river Trip?

Backpacking Trips: We can customize a backpacking trip that can include up to 50 miles of hiking. However, any experienced Colorado hiker will tell you that it’s not the mileage, it’s the elevation change that matters. Some troops take the elevation change into consideration or include the distance traveled on rafts and kayaks on the same trip to reach the requirements of the 50 Miler Award.

River Trips: Check out our Arkansas River Camp (70-90 miles) or Desolation Canyon Adventure (86 miles). Either of these trips include plenty of miles paddling rafts and inflatable kayaks to meet the requirements of the 50 Miler Award.

Do Your Staff Undergo Background Checks?

Yes, each of Journey Quest’s guides goes through a staff application process which includes a criminal background check, at least three references, and a thorough interview.  

Is Journey Quest affiliated with BSA?

Journey Quest is an independent, non-profit organization and is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Boy Scouts of America

Many troops enjoy our Christ-Centered ministry focus. Learn more about us to determine whether one of Journey Quest’s trips is right for your troop:

About Us | What We Believe | Meet Our Guides

What Our Guests Are Saying

“Awesome Troop Experience!”
Jim W
“We took our troop from Mississippi to Journey Quest in August 2015...This was a totally awesome time. We whitewater rafted, rock climbed, kayaked rapids and summited Commanche Peak. This was an wonder time with life memories for my son and myself. Kirby spent some time as a cook, so the meals were fabulous...he added to right amount of pizzazz to take them over the top...I want to go back.” Read Full Review
“Journey Quest Combo”
Tamara D
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest is the first Christian program I feel I can recommend to others. I felt my kids and I were always in competent hands; even the "dangerous" activities felt safe and professionally managed. Excellent ministry focus throughout! Sincerely appreciated the kind and infection enthusiasm. I'm truly grateful and humbled by the energy and intention I received from each and every Journey Quest associate!”
“This trip blew away my expectations!”
Zach B.
Geneva, Illinois
“The food was AMAZING! The guides were all very relate-able and easy going. They challenged our group, pushing us out of our comfort zones. Every single guide always had a smile of their face...I've build so many new relationships and I felt like I found my place in the world...Colorado! I liked all the activities, but I liked the guides the best. Great people, personalities, and sense of humor...This trip blew away my expectations and I'd love to come back someday (or next week).”
“This week was really life changing!”
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest's guides were really open about talking about their passions and personal faith. They also really tried to get to know us each personally with a lot of enthusiasm which was really welcoming...I enjoyed Rock Climbing the most. I learned that you can be surprised about how far you can push and challenge yourself even if you think you can't do it...It has helped me realize how important it is to remove yourself to really focus on your faith. I liked not having my phone and the time spent together...Thank you for everything this week. It was really life changing!”
“I learned so much about myself, God, and Life.”
Maddy K
Geneva, Illinois
“I loved how personable Journey Quest's guides were. I had a great time bonding with them and I will truly miss them. Rock Climbing was my favorite activity and I learned so much about trust and pushing my limits. I learned so much about myself, God, and Life. I wish I could stay forever! :-)”

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