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Explore Colorado’s Backcountry

Surround yourself with breathtaking mountain scenery on one of our incredible Colorado Backpacking trips. Explore the mountains and the beauty they behold as you backpack through spectacular alpine meadows filled with gorgeous wildflowers and serene alpine lakes. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation from one of Colorado’s extraordinary peaks on this phenomenal Multi-Day Adventure.

Life Changing Excursions

Our guided backpacking trips are challenging and fun catalysts that can take your group to new levels in community and purpose as you seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Colorado’s high mountains and infused with solid, Biblical teaching, these guided wilderness trips are nothing short of life changing.

Trip Details

10 - Adult
Skill Level:
Beginner - Advanced
3 - 8 Days
Please Call For Price

Why Backpacking?

  • Throughout the ages, God has used wilderness as a training ground for those He was preparing for service. Moses, Paul, Elijah, David, and yes, even Jesus spent significant time in the wilderness before beginning their life of service.
  • Simply being in the wilderness removes many of the distractions that can steal our focus, replacing them with focused time in God’s Word and a supportive and encouraging community.
  • Backpacking can give you focused, intentional time to invest in each person in your group. Did you know that 6-day backpacking trips give a youth pastor or leader more time with each student than they typically get with an entire year of youth group meetings? This is why backpacking trips are so effective! 

What Our Guests Are Saying

“This week was really life changing!”
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest's guides were really open about talking about their passions and personal faith. They also really tried to get to know us each personally with a lot of enthusiasm which was really welcoming...I enjoyed Rock Climbing the most. I learned that you can be surprised about how far you can push and challenge yourself even if you think you can't do it...It has helped me realize how important it is to remove yourself to really focus on your faith. I liked not having my phone and the time spent together...Thank you for everything this week. It was really life changing!”
“Awesome Troop Experience!”
Jim W
“We took our troop from Mississippi to Journey Quest in August 2015...This was a totally awesome time. We whitewater rafted, rock climbed, kayaked rapids and summited Commanche Peak. This was an wonder time with life memories for my son and myself. Kirby spent some time as a cook, so the meals were fabulous...he added to right amount of pizzazz to take them over the top...I want to go back.” Read Full Review
“Journey Quest Combo”
Tamara D
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest is the first Christian program I feel I can recommend to others. I felt my kids and I were always in competent hands; even the "dangerous" activities felt safe and professionally managed. Excellent ministry focus throughout! Sincerely appreciated the kind and infection enthusiasm. I'm truly grateful and humbled by the energy and intention I received from each and every Journey Quest associate!”
“Excellent Family Adventure”
Scott W
Via TripAdvisor
“We did a five night group excursion with Journey Quest and had the time of our life. We did three days of rafting, one day of rock climbing and one day of alpine hiking. What a great time. The staff was excellent, helpful and professional. We really appreciated their commitment to safety. For a short rafting trip or a longer group activity, I highly recommend Journey Quest.” Read Full Review
“This trip blew away my expectations!”
Zach B.
Geneva, Illinois
“The food was AMAZING! The guides were all very relate-able and easy going. They challenged our group, pushing us out of our comfort zones. Every single guide always had a smile of their face...I've build so many new relationships and I felt like I found my place in the world...Colorado! I liked all the activities, but I liked the guides the best. Great people, personalities, and sense of humor...This trip blew away my expectations and I'd love to come back someday (or next week).”

What to Expect

Fully customize our Backpacking Trips for your group

Ministry Content

Our guided backpacking trips are designed to bring the focus to Jesus Christ. Mornings begin with breakfast and time to be alone with Jesus in the peaceful mountain meadows. Throughout the day, engage in deep spiritual conversation with your guide as you take in the beauty of the terrain. Our guides love to use God’s creation as a foundation for their teachings and will share several Spiritual Analogies throughout the week using the wilderness as a tool. Evenings are spent together around a campfire as we worship and grow, learning from God’s word with a message prepared for you by one of our guides.

Our guides have a true heart for Christ and are intentional about making Him known. The activities, schedule, and spiritual content in these Colorado backpacking trips are fully customizable to the meet needs of your group.

Sample Itinerary
  • Monday: Arrive at 9am, checkout gear, drive to trailhead, and get a few miles in on the trail before dinner.
  • Tuesday: Hike up along a beautiful creek to a meadow or alpine lake campsite.
  • Wednesday: Hike over a ridge, drop packs, and climb to the summit of a peak. After some time on the summit, descend to another campsite just below tree line.
  • Thursday: Spend the day backpacking to the trailhead as you enjoy the wildflowers along the way.
  • Friday: Enjoy a Solo time in the morning before backpacking out to the trailhead and driving back to our Texas Creek or Royal Gorge headquarters.
  • Saturday: Raft Bighorn Sheep Canyon or the Royal Gorge and then depart after we share lunch together.
About the Routes
Backpacking Locations

Our guided backpacking trips take place in Colorado’s beautiful and rugged mountain ranges such as the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or the San Juan Mountains.

These backpacking trips last 3-8 days and average about 5 miles a day. Most treks start above 9,000 ft. in elevation; reaching ridges as high as 12,000 ft. and peaks above 13,000 ft.

Build the Perfect Adventure

All of our backpacking trips are fully customizable. Adding activities such as whitewater rafting, inflatable kayaking, and rock climbing makes this an unforgettable adventure for your entire group.

What's Included & What to Bring
What’s Included

All tents, meals, and necessary group gear are included with all of our guided backpacking trips. Backpacks and sleeping pads are available upon request at no additional charge.

What to Bring

All you need is your personal clothing, rain gear, sleeping bag, quality hiking footwear, and any additional personal items you would like. Download a comprehensive packing list.

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