Meet Our Guides: Nate Bazil

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As we near the beginning of our 2016 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer!

Nate--FaceNate Bazil proudly hails from Tyler, Texas, where he has lived his entire life. He would argue that (minus the heat) it is as close to paradise as you can get. Currently, Nate is attending Tyler Junior College, a local community college. He is pursuing a degree in civil engineering and hopes to graduate with his associates’ degree next Spring. After graduating, he hopes to earn a bachelors’ degree in the same field. When he is not busy with school, Nate enjoys soccer, ultimate Frisbee, board games, skiing (not in Texas), and any other outdoor activity. Nate also loves to pass the time simply hanging out with friends.

This is Nate’s 2nd summer working with Journey Quest. He says, “Through working with Journey Quest, God has really taught me the importance of serving others. Just as God laid down his life for his bride, so I must constantly lay down my life for others.” Nate also says that he is looking forward to smashing some huge waves on the river, and growing in his personal relationship with Christ.Nate--Awesome

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