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Good news, Journey Quest is now taking applications for summer 2021! All you have to do is click on the icon at the bottom of our website. If you’re still trying to decide if it’s for you or not, here’s another look into the summer. Brooke Martin has guided for us for three summers, and here’s what she has to say about her time here at Journey Quest:

“When I first interviewed with Mark Anderson in hopes of being a part of the Journey Quest guide staff, I had no idea what the next two summers would entail. All I knew is that I wanted to be outside for three whole months, be emersed in a Jesus-loving community, and get out of my comfort zone. Those three things definitely happened, but not in any way I could have planned for or imagined.

            The motto for my life is to live extraordinarily. I can honestly say that guiding for JQ opened doors to live an “extraordinary life” in more ways than one. Both summers I guided I had SO much fun; smashing through rapids with rafts, hiking to places some have only seen in photos, and simply being surrounded by the Lord’s beauty- His gift to us through His creation.

            For three months I worked side by side with others who share similar passions for the outdoors and a longing to grow a relationship with Christ. Going through raft and backpack training brought me closer to the other guides quicker than any friendship I’ve ever formed. There is nothing sweeter and more life-giving than community that uplifts, challenges, and shares in the goodness of adventure. The friends I gained loved me through both the ups and downs. One of the scariest things I did my first summer was sharing my testimony in front of people I had just met the week before. Sharing so vulnerably about the highs and lows of my life felt uncomfortable in the moment. However, it allowed me to be truly seen by others, feel the love of Jesus through his people, and learn how to show that love to them in return. The JQ community is the reason I continue to come back and guide even though I am not on the full-time guide team anymore.

            Lastly, these two summers taught me how to walk with the Lord through each moment and situation. I could not have gone through a full summer of guiding without feeling burned out at some point but leaning on the Lord gave me energy and carried me through the tough circumstances. I can fully say I know what it means for the “Lord to be my strength” (Psalm 28:7-8). Playing outside, community, and sunshine bring me such joy but sharing in these moments with the Lord gave it all so much more meaning and purpose.

            The summers of 2018 and 2019 challenged me, pushed me, and shaped me. Looking back, choosing to guide for Journey Quest is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am forever grateful for the way the Lord used this ministry to change my life and give me life-long friendships.”

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