Meet Our Guides: Josh Kerby

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As we near the beginning of our 2016 season, we’re excited to introduce you to the guides who are ready to serve your family or your group this summer!

Josh--FaceJosh Kerby is originally from San Diego but considers himself a Coloradan. He has lived in Colorado since his family first moved to Colorado Springs when he was only a year old. Josh has certificates in Mountain Field Studies and Winter Field Studies. He is currently not enrolled in a university, but works full-time as a professional artist making sandwiches. Josh enjoys being outside in God’s wonderful creation with friends and family. He loves to wander the wilderness on a peaceful backpacking trip, rock climbing radical routes, crushing righteous waves, and shredding gnarly powder. In his down time, Josh likes cooking, playing cards, and trading sheep for brick in a good ol’ game of Catan.

This will be Josh’s 3rd summer with Journey Quest. Since working with JQ, Josh has had a glimpse of what it looks like to truly love others. He is hoping to grow deeper in his relationship with Jesus and learn more about loving others the way Christ does. Josh is definitely looking forward to gnarly times on the river and the memorable moments on the peaks.



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