Desolation Canyon Rafting

Whitewater Rafting Utah’s Green River

Deep Wilderness Adventures

Dramatic cliffs and spectacular plateaus surround you as you float down the Green River on this incredible Desolation Canyon rafting adventure. Keep your eyes out for the Bighorn Sheep and Birds of Prey that populate this canyon as you meander down the river through Utah’s breathtaking dessert landscape. Explore the historical sites of Desolation Canyon such as outlaw hideouts, fossils, and Fremont Native American petroglyphs. Experience the thrill of Utah’s Green River whitewater rafting on this unforgettable Multi-Day Adventure!

Life Changing Excursions

Our Desolation Canyon trip is the best way to experience a deep wilderness adventure with your family, friends, youth group, scout troop, or college group. Take your group to new levels in community and purpose as you seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ on this remote rafting adventure. Surrounded by the beauty of Desolation Canyon and infused with solid, Biblical teaching, this overnight rafting trip will be unforgettable.

Trip Details

10 - Adult
Skill Level:
Beginner - Intermediate
Rapid Rating:
Class II - III+
5 - 7 Days
Please Call For Price

What Our Guests Are Saying

“Journey Quest Combo”
Tamara D
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest is the first Christian program I feel I can recommend to others. I felt my kids and I were always in competent hands; even the "dangerous" activities felt safe and professionally managed. Excellent ministry focus throughout! Sincerely appreciated the kind and infection enthusiasm. I'm truly grateful and humbled by the energy and intention I received from each and every Journey Quest associate!”
“This week was really life changing!”
Geneva, Illinois
“Journey Quest's guides were really open about talking about their passions and personal faith. They also really tried to get to know us each personally with a lot of enthusiasm which was really welcoming...I enjoyed Rock Climbing the most. I learned that you can be surprised about how far you can push and challenge yourself even if you think you can't do it...It has helped me realize how important it is to remove yourself to really focus on your faith. I liked not having my phone and the time spent together...Thank you for everything this week. It was really life changing!”
“Loved every minute!”
Scott P
Geneva, Illinois
“I've been on many trips where the trip leaders just do what they need to and don't interact with the group, but that was not the case here. The Journey Quest crew we had was awesome and became part of our crew instantly! We had a few students declare their faith in Christ on this trip and that doesn't happen without the right atmosphere and you guys did a great job of fostering that atmosphere...”
“This trip blew away my expectations!”
Zach B.
Geneva, Illinois
“The food was AMAZING! The guides were all very relate-able and easy going. They challenged our group, pushing us out of our comfort zones. Every single guide always had a smile of their face...I've build so many new relationships and I felt like I found my place in the world...Colorado! I liked all the activities, but I liked the guides the best. Great people, personalities, and sense of humor...This trip blew away my expectations and I'd love to come back someday (or next week).”
“Excellent Family Adventure”
Scott W
Via TripAdvisor
“We did a five night group excursion with Journey Quest and had the time of our life. We did three days of rafting, one day of rock climbing and one day of alpine hiking. What a great time. The staff was excellent, helpful and professional. We really appreciated their commitment to safety. For a short rafting trip or a longer group activity, I highly recommend Journey Quest.” Read Full Review

What to Expect

Fully customize our Desolation Canyon trip for your group

Ministry Content

The Desolation Canyon excursion is designed to bring the focus to Jesus Christ. Throughout the day, enjoy the beauty of the canyon as you engage in deep spiritual conversation with your guide. Using the river, rafting, and creation as tools, our guides love to share spiritual analogies with everyone in their boat throughout the day. At camp, gather around a campfire as we worship and grow, learning from God’s word with a message prepared for you by one of our guides. The morning begins with a hearty breakfast and time to be alone with Jesus as your overnight rafting trip continues.

Our guides have a true heart for Christ and are intentional about making Him known. The schedule and spiritual content of this overnight rafting trip is fully customizable to the meet needs of your group.

Sample Itinerary
  • Day 1: Meet your guides at Journey Quest’s headquarters, Grand Junction, CO or Vernal, UT, then drive and camp at the Sand Wash Put-In.
  • Day 2: Pack up your dry bags and launch on the river at Sand Wash. On later season, low-water trips, we barge the rafts together and use a motor on the first day to cover 26 miles of flat water. Enjoy short side hikes throughout the day as we look for petroglyphs and fossils. At the end of the day, we disconnect the rafts to run our first rapid, right before reaching camp. From here the river’s grade increases, so we’ll put on some inflatable kayaks and paddle or row the rest of the way.
  • Days 3-5: Experience 12-20 miles of rafting and inflatable kayaking each day through over 50 rapids. Stop along the way to enjoy delicious riverside lunches, scenic hikes through side canyons, and explore the old stomping grounds of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch gang. At camp, sit back and relax as our guides prepare a culinary delight for you and your crew before we gather around the campfire to worship and learn from God’s word. Before you cozy up in your sleeping bag and allow the river to lull you to sleep, spend some time viewing the spectacular starry night sky of this remote canyon landscape.
  • Day 6: Paddle 8-12 miles to reach the take-out in Green River, Utah. Unload your gear, buy some ice cream, and then drive back to our meeting location where we part ways.
About the River
Rich History

Rafting Utah’s Green River through Desolation & Gray Canyon takes you to one of the most remote locations in the continental United States. Located between the East Tavaputs Plateau and the West Tavaputs Plateau, this canyon was once a hideout for Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch. Although it’s remote, this canyon is teaming with history and wildlife. Along this 84-mile overnight rafting trip, you’ll find fossils, historic ranches, and thousand-year-old petroglyphs left by the Fremont Indians.

Amazing Scenery

Desolation Canyon is known for its gorgeous, red sandstone walls and beautiful white sandy beaches. At its deepest point, Desolation Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon. With Groves of Cottonwood trees scattered throughout the canyon, you’ll find plenty of relaxing campgrounds where you can set up your hammock after a long day of rafting. Before the trip is over, we descend into Gray Canyon to see the beautiful sloping layers of the cliffs.

What's Included & What to Bring
What’s Included

All tents, meals, and necessary group gear are included with all of our overnight rafting trips. We provide all rental gear and a personal dry bag for everyone on the trip to keep their belongings safe. Sleeping pads and sleeping bags are available upon request at no additional charge.

What to Bring

All you need is your personal clothing, rain gear, sleeping bag, swimwear, and any additional personal items you would like. Download a comprehensive packing list.

Trip Details

This overnight rafting trip is offered and operated in partnership with Dvorak Expeditions of Nathrop, Colorado.

Group size is 15-25 and advanced booking is required. These trips range from 5-8 days on the river depending on water levels and time allotted for exploration & side hikes.

For this trip, we can meet groups at Journey Quest’s headquarters, Grand Junction, CO, or Vernal, UT. An additional shuttle fee may be charged for the group’s vehicles so the group doesn’t need to leave a driver behind.

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