Kyle Rogness

Kyle Rogness is a second-year guide who hails from Virginia. Currently, he is studying for an Associates in Fire Science at Colorado Mountain College, Leadville. He is a certified Firefighter and EMT-b and after graduating from the CMC Fire Academy he now works with Leadville Lake County Fire & Rescue. Kyle loves mountain biking, hiking, frisbee, listening to music, playing instruments (piano and currently learning the uke and harmonica), longboarding, 4-wheel driving, picking flowers (yes, really! Like, a LOT!) and thrift shopping for vintage literature! What warms his heart most, though, is spending time with dear friends. Kyle is continually learning what it means to walk through the deserts and how God can sustain and provide despite Kyle’s sinful nature to wander. He is looking forward to seeing God grow and mature those who come to Journey Quest, patron or staff, and for God to openly parade His beauty and goodness through Journey Quest and it’s staff. Kyle can’t wait to be challenged, be goofy, be serving, be filled up, be poured out, and be more like Christ.

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