Kate Buckingham

Kate Buckingham will be joining Journey Quest for her first season this year. Kate grew up in a military family and moved around her whole life. She spent time overseas in Italy as well as the woods in Alaska and has lived in 11 different states and countries. She just completed her first year of college in Cañon City, Colorado, but will be transferring to Montana State University where she plans to pursue a nursing degree. Kate enjoys good coffee, backpacking, road trips, jumping in puddles, four-wheel roads, skiing, playing the violin, and looking at puppies on the internet. She grew up with a family rule that she and her four siblings had to hike a mile for each birthday they had; and while she hated this rule growing up, it gave her a love for the outdoors and exploring. Hiking is now one of her favorite activities.

Kate’s hope for this summer is to learn how to lean fully on God and his strength. She is excited for the challenge of growing her faith in an unfamiliar environment and an opportunity to share her love for the outdoors and her faith as she spends the summer on the river.


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