Jen Baker

This is Jen’s (aka, cock eyed brow, aka Juniper, aka hanger breaker, aka screech) third year as a guide for Journey Quest, and while she will only be able to guide part time, she is beyond excited to still be a part of this awesome community! Jen made the move from Missouri to Colorado in 2017 to complete her first year of college with Worldview Academy. Her passion is to continue to pursue her outdoor leadership degree and work with outdoor therapy centers and youth. Her favorite pass times are making people laugh, dancing like a crazy woman whenever the opportunity arrives, writing, and being outside in any capacity. Due to many health complications and a recent diagnosis of Crohns disease, her plans seem to be have been put on hold and life is having to look a little slower. Jen sees the growth God is taking her through in this time of uncertainty and is constantly relearning that her identity is solely in Christ and not in her ability to do things.

Jen’s fondest memories from the summer time are the moments on week long trips, whether it’s laughter over washing dishes with her fellow guides, long talks with a student, or trekking up the peak hike with a group further than they ever thought they were capable of going. While she will not be as involved this summer, her prayer is still the same: “Lord use me in whatever way you see fit, let me not get in the way, and may your light be shown to every guest and student I come in contact with.” Who’s ready for an incredible summer!?

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