Jen Rhoades

This is Jen’s second year at Journey Quest, and she couldn’t be more excited. She hails from Clever, Missouri and moved to Colorado in 2017. She has completed her first year of college through the Worldview Academy Bridge year program here in Canon City. She currently works full-time and plans to finish her general education this coming fall. In the Future, her passion is to pursue outdoor education and go on to work in outdoor therapy. She loves quality time with the people she loves. Recent adventure favorites have included, but are not limited to, hiking, random, long drives with windows down and music up, having a dance party up on Skyline drive, and falling on the floor laughing from lack of sleep and friends who make her giggle until her side hurts.

Last year the Lord stretched her beyond what she thought was possible. He took her past physical and spiritual boundaries she thought she was too weak for, teaching her that strength is in Him and most certainly not in herself. He showed her the power of an amazing community of people working together for His good and that the story God has given her is enough to touch the heart of random strangers. Her prayer for this year is that God would work through her spirit of fear and replace it with knowing He is in control and will work through her as He chooses. She is most excited for more week-long trips this summer because of the relationships she has the opportunity to build and the change she gets to see in the students when they leave.

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