Jen Baker

This is Jen’s (aka, cock eyed brow, Juniper, hanger breaker, screech) 4th year working with Journey Quest. While she’s not so fond about her many given nick-names, she is incredibly fond of the team she gets to work with. Jen loves love many things but a few of her favorites happen to be: cheese, pull ups, random dancing, campfires, the smell of rain, extra daylight in the summer, and laughing until she falls out of her chair (it’s a common happening). Jen currently works as the Internet Marketing manager and Director of social media for Journey Quest. However, she is excited to step into the roll of videographer and photographer, as well as part-time guide for the summer.

Jen loves writing, blogging, video editing, and is currently in training to become a health and fitness coach. In her spare time you can find her rock climbing or skiing with her husband Jack, or working on content for her personal blog and social media account. Jen always gets excited watching God work through the lives of guests and staff throughout the summer and can’t wait to jump in to a new season.

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