Daniel Ramsey

Lt. Dan (or Slim) is a second year guide hailing from the east coast state of Connecticut. His first year has wet his appetite for adventure, and he is back for more! He has several ideas on what his career will be, and he trusts in the Lord to help guide his searching (get it? guide?). He adores mornings and imbibing jitter juice, dogs, singing, and an occasional video game. He loves music/singing, goofing off, saying the wrong things at the right time, anything involving food and eating, good friends, reading, eye contact and face to face conversation, the great outdoors, most forms of art, and corny dad jokes. He stinks at technology and wishes most of it would go die. Making people laugh is his favorite pastime, and he hopes he can do so for you!
This year Lt. Dan hopes to grow in his knowledge of and experience in outdoor activities, expand his understanding of God and His creation, continue learning and practicing his hobbies, and in all he does to give glory to the one who has given him life and salvation. All glory be to Christ our King! Matthew 6:33.


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