Daniel Ramsey

For Daniel Ramsey, this will be his first year at Journey Quest and by far the craziest thing he’s ever done. Born and raised on the east coast in Connecticut, his first taste of the wild west has fueled his appetite for adventure. He originally came out to Colorado in 2018 for a gap-year program called Worldview at the Abbey, which he thoroughly enjoyed. In the past, he has acted in Shakespeare plays and is a Lieutenant in CAP (so yes, he is technically Lieutenant Dan). Outside of school, he loves almost anything that involves outdoors, adventuring and sports, most kinds of music, reading, singing, road tripping, and playing League of Legends. He loves early mornings (with coffee), and animals. He plans to work on many other aspects of his life in the future, including cooking, his writing and poetry, and playing instruments.

He hopes that Journey Quest will be a wonderful opportunity for him to not only work on knowing what he believes but also on defending that same belief. He is looking forward to exploring his adventurous side, all while strengthening his physical body and spiritual mind, growing in his relationships with others and Christ, and getting a nice tan (hopefully).

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